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Regular, rigorous tastings by experienced judges of wines under $25 – wines you might actually want buy!

Tasting Reviews for Wines Under $25

Good wines under $25 are out there and Wineproof25, will be finding them for you! 

With regular tastings conducted with a rigour and transparency unmatched by any other NZ review platform we will send results straight to your phone or tablet at no charge.

Wineproof25 takes no income from the wine industry apart from entry fees. We do not sell wine nor do we ‘clip the ticket’ in anyway.

Regular, rigorous tastings by experienced judges of wines under $25 - wines you might actually want buy!

To maintain our transparency, apart from the entry fees to tastings, Wineproof25 takes no income from the wine industry.

We flag and promote deals and offers on tasted wines.

We do not ‘clip the ticket’ on these. Apart from the tasting fee Wineproof25 takes no revenue from any direct link to the wine industry.

All wines assessed for value as well as quality.

Scores and comments in easy to understand formats and results sent straight to your phone or tablet at no cost.

Our transparency pledge

All our processes are open and transparent view our pledge. Wineproof25 is the only regular and frequent New Zealand reviewing platform that meets these standards.


The First Wineproof25 ‘NATIONAL60’ Tasting is Just Over the Horizon!

Wineproof25 is your best guide to quality, value wines under this definitive price point.
The first Wineproof25 National60 tasting will take place at the beginning of May when we will review 60 wines all of which will be available in New Zealand – although not necessarily New Zealand made – under the retail price of $25.

Tasted blind in neutral settings by our team of experienced judges.

Enter Wines into our Tasting

We are looking forward to the Wineproof25’s ‘NATIONAL60’ tasting in mid May. We are excited about providing you and your customers with wine reviews that can be trusted!

To Enter our 'NATIONAL60' tasting please complete the form below.

The cost of entry is only $115+ per wine entered.

Note: An electronic invoice will be sent on receipt of this form and payment is required prior to tasting.

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