Dumping Aussie fruit in an iconic Marlborough brand is like our cash-strapped Olympic team taking on some failed Aussie athletes to not only make up the numbers but to hold the flag for us as well. But that’s sort of what’s happening. Pernod Ricard – the French owner of the
Bit of a whizz with the cocktail shaker are you? Like a bit of citron with the vodka martini? Or even (ugh!) a dash of feijoa? In Alaska recently I was offered a bottle of locally produced vodka, complete with salmon flavouring! Really! Not sure what they mix it with but it
Question: When is 70% a failure and 90% just the edge of excellence? Answer: When you’re a wine being reviewed under the Robert Parker inspired 100 point system. This is a measure devised and promoted by US wine guru Robert Parker and is followed by wine writers around the