Our Tasting Process

• Wines tasted in ‘blind’ flights of approximately 15 – 20.
• Wines are assessed on traditional 20 point scale and scores combined.
• A joint tasting note is created
• The three Top Quality’ wines are identified and if necessary re-tasted.
• The Top Value’ wines are identified by comparing quality with price.
• Wine scores are then converted into a 10 point scale which uses the full range of marks where 10/10 is an exceptional wine and 1/10 is faulty

Meet the Wineproof25 Team

Wineproof25 uses a regular 10 point scale to assess wines.



Excellent examples of variety and style and would score highly in any competition

They will be well made, balanced and interesting, and are likely to have scored gold or perhaps trophy in other competitions. They will reward some cellaring (depending on variety). It is not likely that many such wines will be entered in a price limited tasting such as ours, but if they are, we’ll give them the top 10 scoring they deserve!


Excellent wines and an absolute bargain at this price point.

They will be well made, true to variety and with considerable interest. They too would rate very well in any competitive tasting. They are likely to reward some cellaring (depending on variety) if you are patient enough, but will be great drinking in the near future. No hurry. Superb value.


Very good examples of variety or style and would also perform well in any open competition

They will have been very well crafted and will show some complexity. Although they may very well improve with patient cellaring they will be very good drinking in the short term. Especially good drinking at this price point.


Good, well-made wines with both interest and complexity

These will have varietal definition and some complex characters and personality. They will perhaps reward some short term cellaring but at this price point should be a very attractive buy for early drinking.


Appealing, well made expressions of their variety (ies) and style

They are perhaps going to miss the intensity and interest of those with higher scores but they will be  good value if priced right and great for everyday drinking.


Mostly sound wines but with less complexity or character

If they are priced at the lower end of our range they may represent good everyday quaffing depending on your expectations. They may be a little unbalanced in terms of sweetness, acidity, fruit or tannins.


Dull and with little real interest

These wines may not be faulty but are likely to be over cropped, lacking in balance and  with dilute flavours and little individuality.


Ordinary, poor or even faulty wines

These are unlikely to be attractive. At the lower end of the range they may well be poorly made or even faulty: probably best used for the concoction of a sangria or for cooking mussels?


Poor wines, probably faulty

At this very lowest score it would seem as if the maker forgot to put the grapes in the press and substituted something else! But if that is where it lands, that will be the score we award.