Bit of a whizz with the cocktail shaker are you? Like a bit of citron with the vodka martini? Or even (ugh!) a dash of feijoa? In Alaska recently I was offered a bottle of locally produced vodka, complete with salmon flavouring!
Not sure what they mix it with but it could certainly be a novel addition to your next cocktail party. It’s not on sale here but perhaps you could make a NZ version and soak a bit of Marlborough’s best king salmon in a bit of Fiordland’s ‘Blue Duck’ Vodka for a Kiwi twist?
A shot of ‘Whio Whacker’ anyone? Who’s got a recipe?
We’re well used to bits and pieces added to our drinks to give them more interest; juniper berries in gin, citron, peach and even feijoa in vodka (ugh!) and of course, the added herbal flavours in wine to get Vermouth.
But the mad men (and women) of Alaska have broken the mould when it comes to fiddling with alcoholic drinks. In Anchorage, Alaska’s biggest city, fishing for wild salmon is a major cause of work absenteeism and now they’ve invented a liquid trophy for those who fish but don’t get!
I thought it was a joke when the attendant at Seward liquor store that looked out over Alaska’s Resurrection Bay suggested a shot or two of Alaska Distillery’s Smoked Salmon vodka was a taste of the ‘real Alaska’ that every tourist should experience. It sounded a bit like suggesting that.
I cosy up to a grizzly bear just out of hibernation to get the ‘real feel’ of the frozen outback. I was inclined to think that the grizzly cuddle might be the better option but both seemed perilous. The Alaskans are salmon crazy and one can only presume that the drink in question is some sort of solace for those luckless enough to come home without a fish! “Honey I’m home with a bottle of fish!”
But I suppose if indeed you’ve arrived home having taken the day off from work, risked getting fired for doing so and still got nothing fishy in the icebox, a bottle of something smelling and tasting a bit like what you haven’t caught is the best that can be done.
“Honey I am home with a bottle of fish for you!”
No I didn’t try it!
Nor did I seek out a grizzly to cuddle!